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Proposal for public competition in Conde, Paraíba

Proposal for public competition promoted by the City Hall of Conde, in the state of Paraíba.


The concept of this proposal started from the idea of centrality. A wide central space, with the function of point of attraction and distribution of users, articulates the internal activities, in a total area of 315m². With a height of 4,60m, the functions of this central space become versatile, connecting with the covered garden and directed towards the created public square.

Peripherally to this central space, the essential functions of the program were divided, in order to optimize the flow and distribution of the different activities, grouping the main public service functions in the Western and Southern sides of the lot, along with the main accesses. The meeting and educational activities room has its own access from the public square, allowing it to function in parallel with other activities.

A 210m² public area was proposed on the East side, with an 18m length brick bench marking the division with the neighbouring lot. The brick membrane materializes itself into elements of urban permanence, leading to a community garden on the Southeast side of the lot.

At the same time, the 247m² parking lot area for 5 cars and an ambulance presents itself as a possible extension of the public area when needed, summing a total of 550m² of public area, attending the Gurugi community needs for events, celebrations, educational events, temporary street market, etc.


Proposal for public competition in Conde, Paraíba.

Projeto: Studio Papaya

Imagens : Studio Papaya

Year: 2019

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