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Public Bid with Edo Rocha Arquiteturas

Projected in partnership with Edo Rocha Arquiteturas, for a public bidding of São Paulo's City Hall.


The proposal consists of an intervention on the Charles Miller's Municipal Stadium (Pacaembu), in São Paulo. Responding to the guidelines of the bidding, the project presents new uses for the stadium, such as a university focused on sports and athletes, a gastronomy center, an increase of the maximum capacity by lowering the field, and a transparent flat roof regarding the historical patrimony status of the building. The existent courts and pools complex was maintained and restored, keeping the public use of the area, with free access for the associates.


Public Bid with Edo Rocha Arquiteturas

Project: Edo Rocha Arquiteturas + Studio Papaya 

Images : Studio Papaya

Year: 2018