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Art Direction

Mission AXN is a program shown by the AXN channel and it brings a completely new format to the TV, because it works with the idea of ​​transmydia, a very current concept.


The idea begins with the reality page on Facebook, where a detective begins to share clues to a fictitious crime and from there, the followers of the page help the detective to unravel this crime, every week new clues are released, until 4 participants are selected to be detectives as well and participate in an action, a fictional theater where they go on a quest to unravel the created mystery.


In that edition the detectives discovered that the case in question was because of a secret sect that assassinated some young people in search of a "Salvadora". The Art of this edition was all about this sect theme, symbolic elements that represent it and also several clues scattered throughout the scene.


The Mission is a Mood Hunter production. And the second edition aired in December 2017.

Art Direction

Production: Mood Hunter
Directed By: Rafael Barioni
Art Director: Angelo / Studio Papaya


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