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Refugee Hub

shelter for refugees
project: Studio Papaya + Fiedler Engenharia + NUTAU/USP + EDAU
images: Studio Papaya
year: 2017

This shelter is a proposal prepared by a team composed of Studio Papaya, NUTAU (Technology Support Center in Architecture and Urbanism) at USP, EDAU (Design, Architecture and Urbanism Company), led by Fiedler Engenharia.

In view of the migration crisis that has been occurring in recent years in Germany, with record flows of populations coming from conflict zones in the Middle East, this shelter presents a quick and low-cost solution to shelter these people and families who arrive without house renting conditions in German cities.

The tent is designed with a metal structure and a tensile mesh made of PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene). In the center there is a funnel, through which it is possible to capture rainwater for recycling, using the supply cistern system. Composed of 34 bedrooms, for 4 people on average, the shelter is capable of accommodating 136 people, in its smaller version. The larger version can house up to 300 people, in an area of approximately 5 thousand m² it has a cafeteria, community kitchen and support areas, multipurpose space, changing rooms, bathrooms, pantry and playground.

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