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Path of Consciousness Venice Biennale

art installation
project: Antonio Spinosa, Neil Kerman, Nicolas Fiedler
graphics exhibition production: Studio Papaya
commercial representative: Saphira Ventura Gallery
direction and cinematography: Du Saldanha (Flow Cinema)
year: 2020

In 2020 we had the honor of taking part in a project at the most important architecture exhibition in the world, the Venice Biennale. Led by Saphira Ventura Gallery of New York, The Path of Consciousness is an installation created by sculptor Antonio Spinosa, transported to an architectural scale by Brazilian artist Nicolas Fiedler and painted by American artist Neil Kerman. The installation was exhibited during the Biennale's collateral event, at Palazzo Mora, with the theme "Time, Space, Existence".

We at Studio Papaya, as part of the team, collaborated on the graphic priduction, as well as on the exhibition production, implementing the project at the Biennale. To contribute to the team, we brought in two old partners: Vor Experience to implement the project in VR and Flow Cinema to transpose all the material into audiovisual pieces.

It is an immense pleasure to be taking part in this project, alongside such an exceptional team, where all creative fronts come together in a unified way to build a project and break down barriers, an idea that we always defended.

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