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S+Projetos visual identity

visual identity project
project: Studio Papaya
images: Studio Papaya
year: 2019

S+ is a company that is in a constant process of creation, development and interaction, which provides a complete service in all areas and project stages of architecture, hydraulics, electrical, and structural. It works together with customers, suppliers, employees and collaborators. A brand that aims to grow together, always.

The sum of the different complexities of a large company results in a minimal and clear symbol. Transparency, complement, excellence, multidisciplinary, innovation, growth and execution. The connection between everything, the junction that generates the whole. “+”.

The logo S+ leaves open what else can be associated, always seeking new interactions. It also develops into its most complete version, S+projetos. The “+” then takes on the value of connection, union, complement. It connects people to their dreams, ideas to reality, creation to execution, all through minimal attention to detail, through the exclusivity and subtlety of design.

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