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PSA Arquitetura em Metal visual identity

visual identity project
project: Studio Papaya
images: Studio Papaya
year: 2020

The brand PSA Arquitetura em Metal was born from the company Permetal Metais Perfurados, which began its activities in 1958, in São Paulo. The brand leaves the name of the company that originated it aside for a new concept, but chooses to refer to it by the acronym PSA, Permetal Soluções Arquitetônicas. In this way, through a more comprehensive language, the new brand seeks to update its communication for the market that is always in constant change.

The new visual identity project seeks to aesthetically and graphically synthesize a series of values and concepts that reside in the essence of the brand and will always permeate the office's work. The choice for a direct, simple, minimalist logo seeks to represent a brand that is transparent to everyone, direct, clear, creative, and at the same time serious. The corporate that approaches the modern, the inventive, maintaining maximum aesthetic quality, aiming to always serve and win over clients who seek only the highest level of excellence. The logo's starting point is the modulation of the round hole, which has been tracing a variety of shapes, always with a rigor arising from a high level of performance.

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