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Piatto Salentino visual identity

visual identity project
project: Studio Papaya
images: Studio Papaya
year: 2023

Piatto Salentino is a brand that represents the essence of Italian cuisine, particularly from the Salento peninsula. It highlights natural elements of the region, such as the sun, the sea and the wind, and represents them through a set of simple but striking shapes. The logo and its name celebrate the history and tradition of generations of Italian families who shared the love of cooking and the pleasure of enjoying a good meal in the company of loved ones, with the plate as an element that aggregates sensations and memories.

Piatto Salentino is the Italian cuisine, known for its authenticity and simplicity. The graphic elements adopted, as well as the dishes, are prepared with high quality ingredients and presented in an attractive way, but without excess. The characteristic colors – green, white and red – take on a modern, desaturated tone, assimilating a reference of the origins and a unique look for the brand. The phrase “Salentu: lu sule, lu mare, lu ientu” is assumed as a graphic transcription of possible flavors and sensations, where each element has a specific role, and when placed on a dish, the flavor can be a metaphorical transportation between places. As a result, Piatto Salentino is a visual representation of the natural beauty and authentic flavors of the Salento region, a brand that makes one think of the cool sea breeze and warm Mediterranean sun.

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