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Visual identity for Paira Arquitetura

visual identity project
project: Studio Papaya
images: Studio Papaya
year: 2019

pairar (to hover)
indirect transitive and intransitive verb
1. Gliding: glide, float, flutter, fly, flutter, flutter, soar.
2. To be imminent: to approach, to be about, to be imminent.
3. Being in a predominant position: dominate, predominate, prevail, preponderate, elevate, excel.
4. Appear on the surface: emerge, surface, emerge, appear, show oneself.

To synthesize the complexity inherent to the performance of architecture, the solution found was to communicate in the most direct and clear way possible. As it is a series of values and concepts, the best response to the demand was to put and tie everything into a single term and extract all its meanings and interpretations from it, in this case the word “paira”. By studying its semantics it was possible to find a way to visually conceptualize the brand through the poetics of meanings. The unraveling of each interpretation generated a range of relationships that connect subjectively. In this way, we concentrated our efforts to extract from this poetical view the conceptual basis that permeates the entire work, finding a way to talk about architecture through the most basic construction materials. Therefore, as a solution, we proposed starting from the basic and preponderant element of construction, the brick, which forms with its arrangements, solid structures and assemblies. Thus, this element is seen as mimesis for the construction of the soul and core of the new brand, creating a solid structure of visual elements that, when related, propose a brand identity that reflects the desire to fly and hover over the solid concepts that permeate architecture.

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