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Visual identity Manu Atelier

visual identity project
project: Studio Papaya
images: Studio Papaya
year: 2020

Manu Atelier is a brand of handcrafted plastic ceramic accessories. Manu is a Latin word, meaning hand, work, strength. It translates the power of “made by hand”, the qualities of artisanal craftsmanship. The Atelier was born from this essence, the search for meanings, for creating as an essential act, for the connection between the different origins and places we visit. That's why here the shapes are all possible, within an internal universe, which grows with each new piece.

The brand's visual identity seeks to visually explore the subtlety of the products. The stationery and packaging variations seek to translate the intimate relationship between the artist, the product and the public, highlighting the value of craftsmanship, present in every detail. The logo emerged from the combination of the brand's central ideas: the literal meaning of the name, the play with the geometric shapes of the products and the modulation of elements that are repeated in order to form the symbol. The 5 fingers are the symbol of the human capacity to produce infinite things, explore infinite forms and synthesize infinite feelings. Manu Atelier aims to be this unlimited universe in the palm of one hand.

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