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Estúdio Kaique Xavier visual identity

visual identity project
project: Studio Papaya
images: Studio Papaya
year: 2023

By imagining and executing a unique architecture, which takes into account natural, cultural and geographic conditions and resources, a planned game of light and shadow materializes. This premise transforms the thinking and point of view that are capable of creating narratives where each project has ambitions that surpass basic needs and is capable of becoming an object of transformation of the context in which is inserted.

The graphic behavior of Estúdio Kaique Xavier visual identity project is based on this assumption, considering a positioning that is strong, expressive, but also sophisticated and somewhat delicate, which does not reveal everything at once. Starting from the dialogue between light and shadow, sky and earth, the shapes and characteristics of the studio's projects stand out with solid colors, which create variable graphic patterns, highlighting the essence of the office's thinking: architecture based on attentive research and technical analysis, in a sensitive and creative way. Thus, the spaces created appear as highlighted shapes, as contrasts of light and dark, color and gray, which work together harmoniously.

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