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Eat Asia visual identity

elements of visual identity
project: Studio Papaya + Piierê Arquitetura
images: Studio Papaya
year: 2019

Eat Asia is an Asian cuisine restaurant located in the Liberdade neighborhood in São Paulo. Its proposal is to offer a dive into the cuisine and pop and modern culture of Asia, without leaving aside the traditional elements and characteristics of the continent's culture and history.

Therefore, for a brand of such strength and with such an expressive name, its logo needs to follow its potential and identity. To achieve this, a subtle and intense representation of speech was created, in order to highlight the expressiveness of the name that gave rise to the brand. The logo carries visual and conceptual references to Asian culture, seeking above all to be different from others: modern, strong and versatile. More than a speech, the Eat Asia logo represents a cry, a call, a term. The geometric speech bubble, created from the circle and the triangle, allows infinite visual configurations, being able to be rotated in all directions, as well as a conversation that starts in completely organic ways. Figuratively, the brand's logo is, like itself, a response.

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