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Café Odê visual identity

visual identity project
project: Studio Papaya
images: Studio Papaya
year: 2021

The challenge of this project was to create an identity for a specialty coffee brand focused on producing sensations from the tasting of meticulously studied and prepared products; to compose graphic elements that presented the brand through its products, in order to represent all the refinement and elaboration of the roasting and preparation process; to demonstrate, through expressive graphic elements, the owners' love for coffee, revealing all the history and tradition that exists in this bond.

The idea starts by bringing to the coffee brand the symbols of tradition, affection and meticulousness, which are values that motivated the creation of the brand and the beginning of the craft. The name chosen to represent the brand was “Café Odê”, a name that refers to the Greek concept of “ode”, a poem or lyrical song that seeks to exalt someone, an object or a story. In this case, it is understood that the product and the development of the brand would be, in itself, an ode to the intersection of the personal story of the owners with the history of coffee.

To ensure the coherence of the graphics with the brand's fundamental values, we decided to rescue an object that was representative of the entire story behind the brand's existence. Thus, the 1929 Ford Model A becomes a symbolic choice due to its presence in the history of the partners and its representation in the concept of “cycle” presented and shared between them. Taking a more detailed look at the technical construction drawings of the car, one can observe an element with a striking graphic appeal: its wheels, which could also represent, through their circular shape, the “cycle” concept. In this way, the circular shape becomes very striking in the brand's conceptualization, both because of the wheel and the shape of the coffee bean, thus guaranteeing a conceptual unity.

The logo, then, starts as a metonymy of all these meanings, presenting the circular shape derived from the Ford Model A's wheel, as well as lines that derive from its metal spokes. The typography generated from this concept forms the words “Café Odê”.

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