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Impact Hub Festival

scenography project
project: Studio Papaya
images: Studio Papaya
photography: Studio Papaya + Caio Mizutani
cinematography: Du Saldanha (Flow Cinema)
year: 2017

The proposed setting for Festival em Movimento sought to bring together the concepts and needs established by the event organizers. Relaxation, dynamism, interaction between people and spaces, delimitation of uses, immersion, ephemerality and low cost guided all proposed installations and spaces. With just 24 hours to assemble and with the ability to intervene in the space without leaving any subsequent injuries, practically the entire project was carried out with lashings and adhesives.

The proposed installations had both a spatialization function and a sensitive provocation, adding to the discourse of the event, proposed as an experience for the participants. They behaved at times as a transition between spaces, at times as welcoming elements, as temporary immersions or as promoters of contemplation and interaction. To this end, bright colors, different textures were used, as well as reflective objects, which addressed the issue of “self-image” brought about by the event. The ILUMINOO lamps, by artist Caroles Gonzaga, were added to the project bringing the idea of mental clarity and creative capacity between mirrors. The outdoor area was proposed as a playful and welcoming space, featuring umbrellas as the main element that generated spaces for permanence while creating interactions and visual effects of colors and shadows.

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