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ARVO 6 Festival

scenography project
production: ARVO team
project: Studio Papaya
collaborators: Mirella Schena + Mariana Magalhães
images: Studio Papaya
year: 2022

ARVO is a Brazilian music festival that was created to transform the behavior and consumption of music and culture in Florianópolis. Approximately 10,000 people attended the 5 editions with more than 60 hours of musical programming and brought us to the moment we are today: the sixth edition of the ARVO Festival. With the creative DNA based on Brazil from North to South, the purpose of the festival was to create an experience that reflects the rich culture of our country.

Carried out in April 2022, the project occupied approximately 17,000m² of an open lot, located in Campeche, in Florianópolis. Surrounded by forest, the area was occupied to take advantage of the existing vegetation as a backdrop, locating the structures on the perimeter of the land. Using pieces of scaffolding, the main elements followed a unique modulation, complemented with fabrics of different colors and OSB boards, in order to create a simple-to-execute solution with a visual impact. The stage design followed a modulation of triangles, positioned to create a large portico in the colors of the festival's identity.

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