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Commercial building in Ribeirão Preto 1

commercial building in Ribeirão Preto, SP
project: Studio Papaya + Manoel Garcia Arquitetura
images: Studio Papaya
year: 2019-2020

Following the client's requirements, the building was proposed without a defined use program, featuring an open plan, with minimal spatial restrictions and the maximum built area allowed by the city zoning. Divided into 4 floors plus 2 basements, the project houses approximately 3500m² of built area.

Located on one of the city's main avenues, the project sought to stand out by its volume, highlighting the facade with a large portico of cogobós. Using the requirements imposed by the city hall in that area of the city, a patio/garden was created on the third level, giving even more versatility to the possible uses defined by its future occupants. The large gaps between pillars and the use of ribbed slabs on all levels also allow for unrestricted occupation of the spaces. Additionally, raw materials, such as exposed concrete and neutral floors, leave it up to the occupant to decide what fits them.

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