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Drag me as a queen

scenography project
production: Movioca
direction: Maristela Mattos
photography: Matheus Rocha
art direction: Fernando Zuccolotto
scenography: Angelo Chagas (Studio Papaya)
year: 2017

Drag me as a Queen is a program shown on Channel E! in Latin America, starring three big names of the Drag universe - Ikaro Kadoshian, Penelope Jean and Rita Von Hunty - where they help the program's participants to overcome personal issues and transform into big Drag Queen stars.

The art direction is by Fernando Zuccolotto and the scenography is based on the cabaret universe with a more contemporary feel, formated to the characteristics of a TV studio. A Movioca production, the reality show was filmed in São Paulo and aired in the second half of 2017.

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