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UBS Gurugi competition

UBS competition in Conde, PB
project: Studio Papaya
images: Studio Papaya
year: 2019

Proposal for a public competition organized by Conde City Council, in Paraíba, for the quilombola community of Guruji.

The conception of this proposal is based on the idea of centrality. A large central space, which serves as a point of attraction and distribution for users, articulates in a radial manner the internal activities, in a total area of 315m². With a ceiling height of 4.60m, the possibility of multiplying the functions of this central space is created, space which connects directly to a covered backyard, leading to the proposed public space.

Peripherally to the atrium, the essential functions of the program were sectorized, in order to optimize the flow and distribution of different activities, concentrating the main service functions in the west and south portion of the lot, close to the main accesses. The area for meetings and educational activities has its own access facing the public square, allowing it to operate in parallel with other activities.

A total of 210m² is proposed as a public area that encompasses the entire eastern part of the lot, with the dividing element to the neighboring lot becoming an 18m long urban community bench. The clay brick membrane is fragmented into permanent urban elements that lead to a community garden at the southeastern limit of the implantation. Additionally, the parking lot with an area of 247m², has a capacity for five cars, an ambulance and space reserved for loading and unloading, and presents itself as a possible extension of the public area when needed, enabling the occupation of a total area of approximately 550m², for activities that the Gurugi community will present, such as social and educational events, celebrations, markets, etc.

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