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Sol Nascente Center Competition

multipurpose center competition in Ceilândia, DF
project: Studio Papaya + Ibirá Arquitetura + Caio Yashima + Ana Beatriz Giovani
images: Studio Papaya
year: 2018

Proposal for a public competition promoted by Codhab (DF Housing Development Company).

The proposed project seeks to affirm the possibility of thinking about architecture as a space for events, marked by the close relationship between aesthetics and function. Through the notion of this type of space, we seek to open a place for the event in architecture and pursue the possibility of achieved autonomy. This autonomy comes from the user enjoying this space, conquering it through the event, experiencing it. In this way, space is used as a catalyst for events, creating a relationship of interdependence. In the end, the project seeks to practically expand the enjoyment of cultural goods and services for the population of Sol Nascente and its surroundings.

In order to create a Center that houses 4000m² of cultural and commercial program in an integrated manner, as well as being able to dialogue with the territory in which it is located, the proposal presents fluidity as a premise. Its flows and accesses invite entry and connection between all its environments and services offered, and also generate transition spaces capable of receiving different uses. To this end, two main plateaus were established taking advantage of the natural slope of the land - given the low slope it presents: the first, facing the flow of the avenues and the existing urban mobility equipment, invites and brings visibility to the commercial and service area. and exhibitions; the second, facing the neighborhood - with a smaller flow of people and vehicles -, addresses the library, media library, studios and multipurpose rooms. The auditorium, centralized in the layout and joined to the main covered patio, rests on the ground, taking advantage of the natural slope to create the necessary gaps between the audience seats.

The central courtyard appears as an integrating element of the complex and its surroundings, also enabling uses that are independent of the main program and assuming the role of creating a microclimate with a vegetation/garden area suitable for the tropical savannah climate, helping to reduce the air temperature in the warmer times of the year.

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