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Solos House

house in Ribeirão Preto, SP
project: Studio Papaya + Manoel Garcia Arquitetura
images: Studio Papaya
year: 2020 (ongoing)

The soil comes out of the construction site itself, material that becomes walls. On top of them, a flat roof sits with lightness, bringing shade and coolness to the walls. A closed cycle, encompassed in a house that has the color of the soil. This would sum up, in a few words, the concept from which this project was born.

The choice of rammed earth walls was made for a few reasons: in addition to being a material that guarantees thermo-acoustic insulation, it provides a healthy environment as it is non-toxic and allows the wall to “breathe”, an essential aspect in a hot city like Ribeirão Preto, in the province of São Paulo state. From a structural point of view, the rammed earth, being self-supporting, eliminates the need for the use of pillars.

The implementation of the house followed the limits of the plot of approximately 3,000 m², being organized into two main ground floor volumes. Parallel to the boundary wall, there are the intimate spaces, and facing the street, the social ones. At the junction of the angle formed between them, a service area was created in direct communication with the garage through a hall with high ceilings and an internal garden, becoming an entrance for everyday use. In the external area, visible from the two main volumes, as a center piece, a 25-meter swimming pool becomes the family's main leisure area. In the social area, a ceiling height of 4 meters is protected by brise-soleils woven with synthetic fiber, which surround the perimeter of the roof, filtering sunlight and generating textures of color, light and shadow.

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