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Serpentina House

house in Ribeirão Preto, SP
project: Studio Papaya
images: Studio Papaya
year: 2021 (proposal)

Taking into account the natural slope and the geographical orientation of the site, some opportunities for optimizing the implementation were identified: better use of morning light, positioning aligned with level curves for less excavation and the use of the diagonal axis of the land to distribute the program. The floor level was raised in relation to the lowest point of the topography, allowing for the existence of a lower floor at the back of the site. Considering these factors, the design process stared with the shape of the middle level curve of the terrain. Adjusting the design using circular arcs, the central axis of the project was generated, giving prominence to the serpentine-shaped distribution corridor that flows throughout the house, as a central axis that helps distribute the program.

The volume is distributed in two separate blocks, based on the curvatures of the axis, seeking to dilute the house along the land. The final result assumes an almost playful expression, in the search for a unique identity, while optimizing the implantation in relation to the terrain and its location. The spaces benefit from a practical flow and visual connections, with a comfortable distribution, which allows for a routine that can be adapted to daily demands, while also providing moments of contemplation.

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