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Meia-água para dois House

house in Barretos, SP
project: Studio Papaya + estúdio kaique xavier
images: estúdio kaique xavier
year: 2022

Designed for a couple that shares life, for routines together as well as separately. Based on this premise, the program was divided into two distinct, separate but connected blocks: in the front part of the house, the social area, work and household activities, with a living room, office/bedroom and laundry, connected to the central courtyard and the front garden/garage; in the rear part, the intimate area, but not limited to the residents: the kitchen/dining room forms the link with the rest of the house, the main suite is private, but not isolated. In the middle, the corridor/office provides versatility, connects, but also separates. Finally, the voids between these two volumes form gardens/spaces as a place of possibilities, even of expansion of the inside space.

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