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Caiana House

house in Ribeirão Preto, SP
project: Studio Papaya
images: Studio Papaya
year: 2017-2024

From the beginning, Caiana House had premises that were very well defined by the clients: a practical house, easy to live in. The use of exposed reinforced concrete, built-in furniture, large openings, integrated environments and the enhancement of the frontal view were almost obvious consequences of the assumed consensus. The project gained an exclusive identity, adapting to the needs and tastes of its residents. The layout of the spaces, the finishes, the creation of furniture, the lighting design and the landscaping were meticulously thought out in every detail.

Taking advantage of a relatively simple program, there was no need for a two level house. However, due to the premise of enhancing the frontal view of the park, and because of the 3 meter slope of the site, the implantation level was raised to 2.85 meters above street level. In this way, it was possible to optimize the occupation and connection of the internal spaces of the residence, and use the resulting empty space below, at street level, for the garage. The natural topography of the land was maintained, reducing earth movement during construction.

In the center of the residence, an open patio was created, with a grid metal floor. This solution, together with the elevation of the house in relation to street level and the preservation of the natural topography of the land, worked in favor of natural ventilation, enabling constant air circulation.
The plan is articulated around this central patio, crossed by a long corridor that passes throughout the house. On one side, the intimate spaces (office, bedrooms and laundry room), on the other, the social spaces (kitchen, living and dining room, patio and home theater).

The home theater, a sculptural volume that appears to be suspended between the floor and the slab, was highlighted through the dyeing and texturing of the concrete. This red volume, together with the dense landscaping and indirect lighting, make up the exterior setting of the residence, visible from every corner of the house.

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