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Café Odê 1

café in Botucatu, SP
project: Studio Papaya
photography: Lucas Eulito
year: 2022

A brand of specialty coffee designed to expand and guarantee the experience of enjoying a cup of coffee. Café Odê becomes a celebration, an ode to the existence of coffee, its flavors, tradition, technique, history and technology that are involved in the constant cycle of a coffee bean. Here, the past and the modern touch like a thread that finds its own end in a circular design. This is where the cycle closes, permeated by the qualities of good coffee.

The architectural project was based on the same principles as the brand identity, creating a visual universe that invites inside anyone passing by. Using white Portuguese stone on the floor, both externally and internally, the first physical barrier is broken. The white and red color palette was chosen to visually organize the environment, while at the same time highlighting the furniture elements. The entrance door was enlarged, like a portal, increasing natural light.

The focal point of the space highlights the brand's logo on the back wall, made of mirror with transparent colored film, surrounded by small shelves to display the products. The visual communication elements encourage the customer to reflect on the qualities of specialty coffee. The metal and pine wood furniture was developed to meet the demands of a limited space of approximately 20m², providing versatility for busy days. The existing ceiling was removed, revealing a ceiling height of more than 6 meters, a wooden structure and a clay roof tile, thus acquiring an essential amplitude for the desired comfort.

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