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DB Apartment

apartamento em São Paulo, SP
projeto: Studio Papaya
fotografia: Arthur Duarte
ano: 2021

Located in Moema neighborhood, in the city of São Paulo, the DB Apartment project sought to unite the need to create greater amplitude for the existing 56 m². The configuration of the original floor plan, with a suite, a bedroom, a guest bathroom, terrace, living room and integrated kitchen did not meet the customer's needs. The choice to demolish the wall between the living room and the secondary bedroom was made with the aim of making the space more flexible. Thus, sliding panels replaced the existing walls of the second bedroom, which gained the function of both living room/tv room and guest bedroom.

Upon entering the apartment, one perceives a unity imposed by a sober materiality. The dark green color is very present, from the entrance to the main bedroom, painting the walls of the entire corridor. In a complementary manner, the bespoke furniture, finished in cumaru veneer and black wood veneer, and the concrete floor and walls generate a visual hierarchy. A shoes and clothes rack welcome you upon the entrance. In the main bedroom, bespoke furniture was designed for the bed and closet. The bed is raised up and includes drawers underneath it for extra storage. The custom cotton cushion headboards ensure thermal and acoustic comfort. The two bathrooms have a complementary design. While the suite bathroom has natural light coming in, as well as a light color palette, the guest bathroom, with no windows, has a dark feel, with the backlit mirror as a center piece.

The original sliding doors that separated the living room and the balcony were removed, in order to expand the social area of the house. The new dining received an oval table, while the balcony has a bar table and chairs. The remaining pilar was covered in mirror on all the four sides, in order to blend with the environment. The kitchen and balcony cabinets and the utility cupboard, all finished in the same cumaru and black wood veneer, are connected by a black granite countertop.

By partially removing the existing ceiling, a wooden circular shelf was designed as a central piece, underlining this area of the apartment. The floor design divides the two types of finishing of the apartment. The cold concrete floor was used on the entrance, dining room and terrace, and the warmer hardwood floor in the living room and suite. Thus, in the attempt to integrate the spaces without generating visual conflicts, the selection of furniture gave preference to clean lines and modern aesthetics, that resonate with the interior design project. Furthermore, the mirrors and the versatile lighting design seek to bring personality to the internal space, while maximizing the amplitude.

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