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CP Apartment

apartment in São Paulo, SP
project: Studio Papaya
photography: Arthur Duarte
year: 2020

Located between Augusta Park and Roosevelt Square in the center of São Paulo, the CP apartment project sought to create a multifunctional environment, suited for the client`s wide range of daily activities. In a reduced area of 30 m², originally with a bedroom, living room and bathroom, both the wall that separated the two rooms and the sliding door and window were demolished, in order to create one unified space. The flexible use of the space was achieved by creating hybrid furniture, which not only provided multifunctionality, but also gave the apartment the amplitude that was previously unimaginable.

The bespoke furniture is the main protagonist of the project, finished with natural freijó wood, with details of light green laminate and black painted metal. In collaboration with designer Laura Garcia, we created a collection of unique handmade objects that contains a retractable bed, a sliding desk that is also a TV cabinet and a set of folding table and chairs. Thus, a single space can be reorganized and transformed into a bedroom, a living room, a dining room, a TV room, a home office or even in a space for exercising and contemplation.
With the intention of each space having its own personality, we designed the floor of the apartment with different finishing materials: tauari hardwood for the intimate area, hydraulic tiles for the kitchen area and balcony, terrazzo slabs for the bathroom and yellow epoxy paint in the shower cabin.

Despite the limited size of the apartment, the project creates the possibility of multiple uses, providing optimization of the footprint. This amplitude, achieved by focusing on the furniture and its functions, met and expanded the possibilities desired by the client, as well as provided a reflection on the dwelling in large urban centers and the role of design in this context. With the need/desire to live in a central area of the city, with high density and high price per square meter, shifting the perspective on the real necessities of living was an essential part of the project development process, where the client was the main responsible for enabling the outcome.

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