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Elements of visual identity

Eat Asia ia an asiatic food restaurante located in the Liberdade neighborhood, São Paulo. The concept of the restaurant is to offer its clients a deep experience on the cuisine and modern asian pop culture, without losing the traditions and historical characteristics of the continent.

With that in mind, for such a strong brand with an expressive name, it's logo has to match all that potential. For that, a subtile representation of the speech balloon was created, seeking to show all the expressiveness of the brand's name. Also, the logo has visual and conceptual references to the asian culture, aiming for originality, versatility and strenght.

The geometric speech balloon, created by a circle and a triangle, allows many different visual configurations, making it possible to be rotated in all sides, just as a conversation can start in the most organic and fluid ways. Therefore, the logo can visually represent an answer, just as the brand concept.

Elements of visual identity

Project Team: Studio Papaya + Piierê Architecture

Images : Studio Papaya
Year: 2019

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