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Art Direction Assistant & Scenography

Cinelab Apprentice is a reality show of competition that comes as an unfolding of Cinelab.


In this format each of the presenters, Kapel, Rapha and Armando initially have a team of 5 participants and these three teams compete with each episode, who produces the best proposed effect and the worst team always has a participant eliminated, thus arriving to the great winner of Cinelab Apprentice.


The conception of the scenario was made by Fernando Zuccolotto and developed by Studio Papaya, bringing an industrial, urban concept that covers a lot of the language worked by Cinelab in other seasons. The scenographic space has 5 different environments, Control Room, Death Room,    Battle Arena, Craft Warehouse and Coexistence, which is where all the reality situation happens.


The program is a Boutique Movies production and will air on the Universal Channel and is scheduled to premiere for the first half of 2018.

Art Direction Assistant & Scenography

Production: Boutique Filmes
Directed By: Rafael Barioni
Art Director: Fernando Zuccolotto
Second Art Director: Angelo / Studio Papaya
Set Design: Angelo / Studio Papaya
Photos: Rafael Morse and Studio Papaya

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